Chief Waupaca Burial Ground
Section 26, Township of Dupont, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
South of Marion on Highway 110, corner of Schoeneck Road.

Copied by Wayne and Alta Guyant October 1972

Chief Waupaca

Chief Waupaca, better known as Sam Wapuka, was a friendly Potawatomie Indian, who lived in this vicinity
about the time the first white men arrived.  Although he was friendly to the settlers, his tribesmen  were bitterly
opposed to the invasion of the white man. Once on a trip with several of his warriors, they stopped where the
present city of Waupaca is located. His men were eager to massacre the entire small settlement and Wapuka
 talked long and eloquently to prevent it. He succeeded but when he remounted his pony to continue on his way,
almost where he fell. Later relatives purchased several acres of land, including this site, and brought the
body here. His sons Shopodock and Hongkoot, stepson Jake and at least sixteen other relatives are buried
here with him. Erected 1957

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