Waushara County, Wisconsin
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Land Records

Last updated December 23, 2009


 Land Record Office
Courthouse Building, 2nd Floor
Jan Schumacher, Land Records Technician
P O Box 300
Wautoma, WI  54982-0300
(920) 787-6587

(Searchable for present land owners.)

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm


Helpful Terminology

Grantor - Seller of property
Grantee - Buyer of property
Land Contract - Grantor sells land by installments to Grantee and has legal title until paid in full.
Warranty Deed - Warranties title to the buyer clear title to the property.
Quitclaim Deed - Deed conveying property not containing any warranty providing clear title.
Patent - Conveyance of title from the government to the public.
Easement - A right created by grant, reservation, agreement such as right to cross A to get to B.
Metes & Bounds - Metes referred to distance and bounds to directions.
Section - A division of land on a government survey comprising one square mile. (640 acres)
Township - Government survey being six miles square containing 36 sections.
Range - Government survey being 6 miles wide row of Townships, running north & south and used in legal description.
Subdivision Map - Subdividing of a parcel to create more then 4 parcels.
Certified Survey Map - Division of parcel to create up to 4 parcels.


Land Patents of Bloomfield - Transcribed by Darlene Ryan

Helpful Websites

Waushara County Land Information System - Search for land owners
Wisconsin BLM Land Records - Land records by Wisconsin Counties
Bureau of Land Management - Land Patents
Wisconsin Land Records


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