From "History of Northern Wisconsin" - The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor 1881
Transcribed and submitted by Paula Vaughan


The town is in the extreme northwest of the county. Its first settlers were K. Erickson and J. Gunderson, who came in 1852. The town was organized in 1856, and C. K. Blandin became its first Postmaster. That gentleman operated the first store the year before, and Mary Taggart taught the first school. In 1854, S. S. and J. W. Chandler and S. Miller built the first saw-mill, the grist-mill coming along in 1861.

From Wisconsin County Histories, Waupaca County Edited by John M. Ware 1917
Transcribed and submitted  by Paula Vaughan   January 2002




Iola and Harrison are the northwest townships of the county, lola being the only village in that long stretch of country. The original Iola Township of 1855 was split in two when Helvetia was set off in 1860, and it was reduced to its present area when Harrison was formed by the county board in November, 1890.


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