The Republican, Waupaca, Wisconsin
March 23, 1880

Town and Village of Weyauwega Soldiers


The Republican,
Waupaca, Wisconsin
April 2, 1880

Waupaca Soldiers

The Republican, Waupaca, Wisconsin
April 2, 1880

Lind Soldiers

Fremont Soldiers

The Republican, Waupaca, Wisconsin
April 9, 1880

Iola Soldiers


The Republican, Waupaca, Wisconsin
April 16, 1880

Matteson Soldiers

Helvetia Soldiers


The Republican,
Waupaca, Wisconsin
April 30, 1880

Circuit Court Jury List

Lebanon Soldiers


The Republican- Waupaca, Wisconsin
May 14, 1880

Census Enumerators


The Republican, Waupaca, Wisconsin
May 28, 1880

Town of Larrabee Soldiers


The Republican - Waupaca, Wisconsin
July 9, 1880

Waupaca County Census Figures


The Republican -
Waupaca, Wisconsin
June 11, 1880

Circuit Court Sessions



The Waupaca Post -
Waupaca, WI - April 9, 1880

Sweeping Fire at New London

New London was visited Sunday by the severest conflagration that has ever swept through the place. The fire broke out about ten o'clock in the morning in the rear end of of a saloon on the main street kept by Wm. Zimmerman. The fire increased rapidly and spread in both directions with sweeping fury, totally destroying eleven buildings altogether. The following places of business were burned out:

Wm. Zimmerman, saloon; Wm. Luck, tailor; Chas. Wagner, barber; Jillson & Co., drugs; T. Broom, meat market; Milbrath, saloon; A. P. Moshier, grocer; Jacoditch, leather and shoe store; F. Deming, grocer; Brenseke & Lipke, meat market: E. P. Perry, building unoccupied.

It was nearly six o'clock before the fire had subsided and was got under control. The contents of the burned buildings were mostly got out and the insurance on stocks will probably cover the loss in this direction. There was no insurance on the buildings except that of Zimmerman's which had $500 on it. The total loss will reach between $10,000 and $15,000. The buildings destroyed were cheap ones, as a general thing, but the hole the fire makes in the main street puts a rather dilapitated appearance upon the business part of the city. The cause of the fire is unknown. - Northwestern

The Republican - Waupaca, WI - May 14, 1880

The fire in the woods in the vicinity of Clintonville has done great damage. Some families have been burned out and lost nearly everything they had.

The Republican - Waupaca, WI - May 28, 1880

E. R. Vaughn, of Little Wolf, was a welcomed caller on the REPUBLICAN last Saturday.


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