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 SURNAME  Time Frame  Submitter/email Addtl. Information
ABEL 1910-1967 Ruth Sheppard Ed & Esther, Wayne & Betty, Abel's Garage Rhinelander
ARMFIELD 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
BACH c.1930- Jeanine Theiler Karl and Hilda (Fitch) Bach lived in Woodruff
BEASTROM 1900-1960'S Ruth Sheppard John & Betty Beastrom, Lund/Goodwill/Beckman, Rhinelander area
BERGMAN 1908 TO present Doris Wyss Migrated from Sweden and Norway in the 1800's. They settled first in Illinois and Iowa. In 1908, family moved to Town of Pelican. Peter Bergman purchased a farm on County G in 1920.
BISHOP, Claude . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
BISHOP, Wayland . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
BIWER, Jacob 1898-1909 Harry Hamilton Jacob worked in the sawmills
BLUMENSTEIN c.1890-1930 Pat Kraus Henry and Maria Swenson Blumenstein, Woodruff
BRUCKER 1900-present Nancy Lee Garrett or Kristen Brucker Three Lakes, WI and Germany
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BRUNET/BURNETT ca. 1900 Jennifer Samuel Brunet and Azilda Depatis married 1888 L'orignal, Quebec; dau. Agnes born in Woodruff
COPPA/KOPPA * Ken Conway Edmund,Eddie, daughters-Theresa and Erie, and son-Frank of Rhinelander
DAHLSTROM 1930's to present Neuber Rhineland Oneida County; also Cadillac MI, Canada and Sweden
DeNOYER 1890-present Linda DeNoyer Minocqua, Pelican, Rhinelander, also Eagle River in Vilas Cty. and Merrill in Lincoln Cty.
DERINGER 1845 to current. Anna Knutson Ludwig Deringer, Louis Deringer, Ellen (Smith) Deringer
FARNSWORTH * Brian Gaber *
FEHR . Debbie Wilson Fehr Rhinelander area
FLETCHER . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
GABER * Brian Gaber *
GELINNE 1892-1980 Michael Gelinne Rhinelander Area from Belgium
GERUE 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
1853- present Anna Knutson Pierre Johan Hasselqvist, John W. Hasselqvist, Gustaf Hasselqvist, Carin Hasselqvist.
HELGESON 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
HILL ? Chad E. Goodrich .
HODGDON 1910-1930 Jean Hutchinson Oneida coutny
logging Superintent Mason-Donaldson Lunber Co.
HOUG 1896-? Eldri Guldan-Zahn Albert Houg family who came to Hazelhurst in 1896 to work at the Yawkey-Lee Lumber company, moved to Rhinelander around 1911.
HOWE 1892-? Pam White Rhinelander and Little Rice;
Charles B. Howe and Almina Luce married in 1892
JENSEN 1890'S present Neuber Rhinelander Oneida County; also Michigan and Sweden
JOHNSON 1882 to present Neuber Cassian & Rhinelander in Oneida County; also Sweden
KENNEDY . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
KNICKELBEIN . Terry Micks Woodruff
KUDER 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
KUSHMAN . Linda Hendricksen .
LAMBERT . Debbie Wilson Fehr Wabeno, Rhinelander
LIBENSTEIN 1915-1997 Jean Hutchinson Oneida coutny
LEVINGS 1920-1930 Gretchen Levings Charles, Mildred nee Warehouse, daughter Leatha, Rhinelander
LEONARD 1900-1920 Beth Overstad Owen & Margret Leonard Rhinelander area. Children: Oscar/Frank, Dorthea, and Mayme who married Frank Littlefield.
abt. 1846-1930 Sandra J Marquardt Gingery Hilaire Elie Provencher, b.1846 m. Catherine Martin; changed name to Eli Martin.
MERRYFIELD . Debbie Wilson Fehr Oneida county
MOKSNES 1906-1920 John & Barb Moksnes Bernhard Moksnes was a millwright and was killed 9/7/1918 in a sawmill accident. wife Emily, children Margido, Berta, Bergliot
MOON ? Chad E. Goodrich .
PECORE 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
PECOR * Brian Gaber *
PRAHL . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
READER 1915 to present Neuber Woodboro Oneida County; also Antigo WI and England
RICE 1880-1900's Rick Rice John E. and MayAnne Rice owned the Rice Hotel, a tavern, and a blacksmith's shop at Pratt Junction and a hotel and tavern in Pelican Lake. John E. Rice was the first Post Master of Pratt Junction and Pelican lake.
ROBINSON . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
RUSSELL 1817-1972 Edgar Russell Mohr Harshaw/Cassian
N of jct. Rocky Run & Old US 51
SCHEELER . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
SEIDL . Linda Hendricksen
SMALL / SCHMALL 1890-1930 Rosemary Ward Mary Small (1898-1917; father John Small
SMITH . Debbie Wilson Fehr Rhinelander
SMOLES/SNOLES c.1930 Mark McGuire Katones, wife Elizabeth and son Wintentas; couple may have died in train/car crash in early 1930"s
SOWINSKI . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
STEFONEK . Michael Bishop Rhinelander Area; complete family history
SWENSON c.. 1890-1930 Pat Kraus Ole and Peter Swenson, Woodruff
SZUMINSKI * Jill Haling Three Lakes
TOWNE 1860/1870'S Linda Towne Rhinelander; migrated from MA and ME
VANDERVEST 1920-present Connie Stenhjem Rhinelander area
WANTY 1900's to present Neuber Rhinelander in Oneida County; also Oshkosh and Portage WI; New York and England
WARD 1890-1930 Rosemary Ward Rhinelander: John Henry Ward, 1861-1932 m. Mary Small
WESOLOWSKI/ WESOLOWSKY 1883-present kbux1209@ Additional surname SHARA/SHARRA/SCHAVA
WILKOWSKI 1916 to 1930ís Mary Trogg Ernest Wilkowski managed the Oneida Hotel from opening until 1924?
WHITAKER/WHITTAKER 1887 to present Doris Wyss Migrated from Jefferson County, New York in 1850 settling in Portage County. William married Jennie Sievwright joining the Whittaker/Whitaker & Bentley families. William moved to Rhinelander in 1882, building a home on Carr Street in 1886.
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